Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies

When purchasing any product or service with the Company, MEDIA SOLUTIONS ONLINE LLC, you accept the terms, conditions and delivery policies below detail:

1- CONFIDENTIALITY: Guarantees the security of the information of our customers. All information provided is confidential, only what is published the customer wants on your website.

2- DELIVERY TIME: Our designs and website development are delivered in a within 5 to 7 business days. 2.1 The delivery of the website will be counted from of the next business day, of the confirmation of the purchase and once the 50% payment has been made of the total value of the MEMBERSHIP ACQUIRED.

3-AVAILABILITY AND PRICES: These vary according to existing offers.

4- METHOD OF PAYMENT: The payment lines will be available on the website and only authorized personnel company will be able to access it.

5- CHANGE POLICY AND RETURNS: The changes are a benefit for our customers for the duration of the membership.
5.1 Changes will be made at the request of the client, through our agents, who They will assist you and provide the necessary advice.
5.2 The change request will be made, fifteen days before, explaining clearly and specifically about the modification that the client wants.
5.3 The client must provide the data necessary and clearly how you want change, specifying colors, directions, content of your page among others.
5.4 Returns will be made by the following reasons:
1.When the page is delivered after the date stipulated in numeral
2. For inappropriate content or phrases in your Web page. It is clarified that all content is provided and endorsed by the client, before of your publication.

Returns must be requested, within 7 business days, that your website is being developed. Once already elaborated, enabled and Indexed your page. After that time, the return request cannot be made.

About Us

Media Solutions Online is a company located in Houston TX, founded more than 5 years ago with the aim of developing in the field of digital marketing, our founders have the solid knowledge and necessary to develop the best campaigns to have an online presence and that will grow your business.

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